PBN Visits Lumetta – See What They Had to SayJuly 2023

Providence Business News recently toured our factory and had the opportunity to speak to some of the talented people behind our lighting. Throughout their visit, PBN gained valuable insights into our artisanal craftsmanship and dedication, witnessing firsthand how we fabricate each fixture from scratch. As a Rhode Island business, we are proud of some of the projects that we have worked locally such as the Cranston Public Library, Brown University’s Geological Sciences Department and Salve Regina University. To learn more about what PBN had to say about us, click the link below.

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Nexus: The Lighting Trend to WatchJune 2023

Hung singly or in an array of various sizes, lengths, or colors, the curvilinear fixture expresses beautiful compositions of color, shape, and pattern that are perfect for large open spaces. With its abstract fluid gestures, it’s the lighting trend to watch.

The NEXUS pendants, with a sleek 5” design, are versatile for various applications. Customers can create personalized lighting setups with different arrangement options and choose Lumenate® diffuser shades and frame finishes. Available in three sizes, these sought-after luminaires offer style, flexibility, and customization for diverse lighting needs.

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Knowledge is PowerMay 2023

Acknowledging that our partners and specifiers have varying levels of familiarity with our products, we customize our educational content to cater to their specific requirements. Through the facilitation of expert-led presentations, provision of samples, and consistent support, our objective is to enable individuals to make well-informed choices regarding our range of products and offerings. We believe that by educating our customers, we foster a strong and lasting relationship built on trust, confidence, and shared knowledge.

If you’d like to request a webinar or onsite visit, please reach out to ian@sandbox.lumetta.com or mfloridia@sandbox.lumetta.com to set something up.

If you’d like to request a sample of our material or have any other questions regarding our products, please reach out to info@sandbox.lumetta.com.

Did You Know?March 2023

Lumetta specializes in creating commercial lighting designs that are decorative and crafted using a versatile range of materials. However, it may come as a surprise to you that we also provide an extensive range of engineering and manufacturing services.

If you’re interested in discovering more about how we can assist you, take a look at our capabilities statement.

Email info@sandbox.lumetta.com for any questions regarding your next project.

LEDucationNYC 2023March 2023

We had a great turnout at LEDucation this year and we want to thank everyone that had a chance to stop by our booth!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us:

Mike Floridia, National Sales Manager mfloridia@sandbox.lumetta.com

Ryan Heelan, Engineer rheelan@sandbox.lumetta.com

We look forward to hearing from you. As always, a special thanks to everyone for making the event so successful.

We Are Thrilled to Announce The Launch Of Our New Digital Portfolio BookFebruary 2023

Our newest Portfolio Book focuses on our four core pillars:

Vision, Innovation, Creativity and Collaboration

This new and improved narrative is intended to infuse design and style creatively, while inspiring you with all that inspires us.

Lumetta provides the latest creative lighting design, offering cutting edge in our broad offering of handcrafted luminaires. We take great pride in being able to deliver lighting solutions that are all Made in the USA.

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Visit Us at LEDucation 2023!February 2023

Visit Us at LEDucation 2023
March 7-8 at the New York Hilton Midtown, New York City!

Booth #2910

We’ll be showing off our new release,
the incomparable NEXUS,
along with more of our inspirational and unique lighting,
as well as a few surprises.

LEDucation is the ultimate marketplace for solid-state lighting innovations, giving industry professionals a chance to experience new technologies as well as continue their education through a wide range of accredited seminars.

The event provides designers, architects, manufacturers / representatives, contractors, educators, and students the opportunity to meet and experience the wonder of lighting in New York City and beyond. https://leducation.org/home/about/

Want to connect with a Lumetta team member at the show?

  • Ian Prichett, President, ian@sandbox.lumetta.com
  • Mike Floridia, National Sales Manager, mfloridia@sandbox.lumetta.com
  • Ryan Heelan, Engineering, rheelan@sandbox.lumetta.com

Shoot them an email or grab some time right on their calendar to book a spot during the show!

Register here: https://leducation.org/registration/

We hope to see you there!

Did You Know Lumetta Offers Interchangeable Shades?January 2023

Are you the proud owner of Lumetta luminaires? Are you considering changing the appearance of your space without replacing those beautiful fixtures? We’ve Got a Solution for You

Lumetta offers coordinating shades that will alter the ambiance of your existing Lumetta lamping and present with the impression of an entirely new light fixture.*

Handcrafted in the USA by artisans and craftsmen using the finest quality materials and attention to detail, our shades cast a striking illumination and are the perfect focal point for any room décor.

Refresh Your Space
With our easily interchangeable shades, Lumetta can help you transform the look, the mood, and even the atmosphere of your environment. We’ll help you create a completely new design that’s on trend and on budget.

Switch It Up
In addition to changing the color and pattern of your existing shade, just imagine adding or replacing a decorative lens for an even more evocative first impression. There’s no limit to what you can do to revitalize older Lumetta luminaires.

*Available for most of our standard lighting solutions.
Contact your local Customer Service Representative to confirm availability.

We’ve Got Something Up Our Sleeve- Lumetta to Roll Out Edgy New Design Lumenate® PatternsJanuary 2023

Lumetta’s proprietary Lumenate® and TransLumenate® diffusers are known for their versatility and sophisticated style. The shades are made from washable and antimicrobial composite material and used exclusively for our luminaires.

In addition to Lumenate® and TransLumenate®, we offer our striking Design Lumenate®, for distinctive and contrasting inspiration to our lighting solutions.

We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be unveiling our latest installation to these extraordinary diffuser options with a new extension to our Design Lumenate® that’s sure to exhilarate.

Stay tuned – you’ll be glad you did!

Is Comprehensive Healthcare Lighting a Priority for You?December 2022

Effective lighting in the healthcare environment can significantly enhance the patient experience and promote health and healing. Lumetta’s carefully designed lighting upgrades to healthcare and hospital facilities, whether for new construction or retrofitting of existing facilities, create better work environments for the staff–increasing efficiency and satisfaction–and allowing them to provide a higher level of care.

Our lighting solutions are sleek and ethereal. The diffusers are made from our proprietary washable and antimicrobial Lumenate® and TransLumenate®– aiding in the prevention and spread of bacteria and viruses.

Lumetta also provides “human-centric” BIOS circadian LED lighting solutions. This tunable lighting has been shown to benefit patients, visitors, and staff and simulates natural sunlight throughout the day–positively impacting our natural circadian rhythm and promoting biological and emotional healing.

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Healthcare Lighting Goals by Creating:

• Exceptional Patient Environments
• High Caliber Working Conditions for Staff
• Improved Efficiency and Operating Savings
• Greater Resources for Patient Treatment and Care

Check out all of Lumetta’s lighting solutions to create your own kind of magic.

Lumetta’s healthcare lighting is utilized in:

– Lobbies and Waiting Areas
– Hallways
– Reception Areas
– Cafeterias and Dining Areas
– Senior Living Facilities
– Health and Wellness Centers
– Behavioral Healthcare Centers

To Specify Lumetta Lighting Solutions for Your Next Project: https://sandbox.lumetta.com/locate-your-sales-representative/

As always, handcrafted in the USA by local skilled artisans and designated Buy American.

Lumetta Introduces NEXUS: A One-of-a-Kind Lighting Experience for the Decorative Commercial Lighting IndustryNovember 2022

Lumetta’s new NEXUS–a modern, organically shaped suspended pendant light is guaranteed to be the focus in any room.

This extraordinary lighting solution, an addition to Lumetta’s Form Collection, is geometrical and spatially designed. The organically themed free form abstract shape allows you to bring personality to your setting. It’s fitted with an etched white acrylic bottom lens and a translucent washable and antimicrobial Lumenate® diffuser in your choice of color, pattern, or imagery.

Whether hung singly or in an array of various sizes, lengths, patterns or colors, the curvilinear fixture expresses beautiful compositions that are perfect for large open spaces. Modest or complex interiors will shine with the elegant, contemporary, and minimalistic design that captures the audience emotionally through sensation and observation.

NEXUS luminaires are available in three popular sizes and an array of powder coated finishes, so you’ll be able to create a myriad of exciting effects providing extraordinary design opportunities.

With its abstract fluid gestures, it’s the lighting trend to watch in 2023.

View Full Press Release Here

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Lumetta’s Lightning-Fast Quick Ship Program: What You Need to KnowNovember 2022

Our Quick Ship Program Helps You Source Commercial Lighting at the Speed of Light

Need a quick turnaround for your commercial lighting project? Don’t sacrifice quality or style to fulfill a short lead time. When time is of the essence, our expedited Quick Ship lighting program guarantees you’ll meet even the most urgent requests!

Lumetta’s Quick Ship lighting products are available in popular configurations so your customers can have high-quality designer lighting shipped directly to their door without delay—making you and your client happy.

Our Quick-Ship Program offers luminaires that ship within 10-business days* for expediated arrival without additional fees.

Our handcrafted Quick Ship fixtures are available in several finishes and colors to ensure that clients get the custom look they want.

Made entirely in the US by our skilled local designers, engineers, and artisans.

Click to view our Quick Ship Inventory

*Upon receipt of signed confirmation and payment. Manufacturer’s quote is required for accurate pricing. Maximum quantity of 12 (twelve) luminaires meeting “Quick Ship” requirements per order.