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Choosing the Right Style

Lumetta's talented team of engineers and artisans have created over two hundred luminaire designs. Each unique luminaire is shown within a family of complementary styles.
Lumetta continuously researches and develops current technology so we can provide exciting new products that are attractive and easy to install. Our luminaires are impeccably designed to make a brilliant impression and to beautifully light any interior environment.
Our Lumenate® and TransLumenate® diffusers have performed at the highest antimicrobial level and have been tested against ASTM E2180 standards.
All of our products are made in Rhode Island with a hands-on customer friendly approach and can easily be altered in scale, lamping, finish, and diffuser effects.

Linear Acoustic Collection
Linear Acoustic

A creative combination of modular design and acoustic function for ambient lighting and auditory comfort.

Reveal. Collection

The aesthetic essence of a space, brought to light. Striking yet modest, in the most popular finishes.

Acoustic Collection

Lumetta’s Acoustic Collection pairs illumination and design with sound dampening acoustics that control high noise levels and vibration. Our integrated system optimizes the synergy between our handcrafted illumination and our superior acoustic products.

Echo Collection

Echo represents the eye-catching combination of light + geometry + pattern, for an ultramodern look.

Drums Collection

Lumetta’s top-quality collection of drum pendants and surface mounts are available in a range of diameters, heights, and lamping options. Fitted with any Lumenate® selection, the only limit is one’s imagination.

Shadow Collection

Playing on double layers of opaque and transparent shades for vivid yet subtle lighting.

L2 Collection

The L2 Collection is about creative expression. Choose complementary interior and exterior Lumenate® shades for an eye-catching combination.

Silhouette Collection

A contemporary line of impressively designed, laser-cut LED sconces that make an artful statement.  Available in four standard sizes, between 12” to 49” in height, and six designer panels to choose from.

Studio Collection

Hand-crafted pendants and sconces that pair modern design with attractive patterns, creating highlight pieces.

Square Collection

Square-inspired luminaires break away from traditional shapes, adding a stylish feel to any space.

Lite Collection

Stylish modern lighting with brilliant accent colors and distinctive geometric shapes; our Lite pendants offer modern elegance, perfect ambient illumination and a flair for contemporary charm.

Cones Collection

These tapered pendants, desktop, and wall sconces, get a boost in style with handcrafted metal and extensive Lumenate® choices.  Pendants are available in sizes up to 42” OD.

Zen Collection

A graceful, striking, and well-balanced design that works in harmony with its surrounding.

Form Collection

Form style luminaires complement fluid, easygoing themes in a range of curved, cylindrical, and organic shapes.

Arcs Collection

Arcs incorporate artistic, handcrafted metal frames, projecting a striking symmetry.

Task Collection

The contemporary solution to general lighting applications. Task offers strong illumination properties and even lighting distribution that helps ease eye strain and makes for a more pleasant work environment.

Antimicrobial Dividers Collection
Antimicrobial Dividers

Our tastefully designed suspended Lumenate® Dividers make social distancing and space management safe, comfortable and beautiful--all at once.

Lite (New) Collection
Lite - New

Stylish modern lighting with brilliant accent colors and distinctive geometric shapes; our Lite pendants offer modern elegance, perfect ambient illumination and a flair for contemporary charm.