Your Acoustic Lighting Adventure Has Officially Begun…July 2020

Lumetta is Excited to Announce the Launch of Our New Link Acoustic: a Reimagined Addition to Our Sound Damping Linear Acoustic Collection.

The state-of-the-art Link Acoustic lighting solution is a creative combination of modular design and acoustic function conceived for ambient lighting and auditory comfort.

Our Link Acoustic luminaire is a distinctive fixture that enhances our robust Acoustic Collection. These light fixtures can be joined from end-to-end to create various lengths and compositions and will complement any space. With its exceptional light output and superior sound absorption, along with independently controlled up and/or down lighting, the Link Acoustic is one of the most sensational lighting solutions yet!

“We are pleased to inform you of the release of the Link Acoustic; our newest lighting solution that immediately adds to and strengthens our designer Link Acoustic Series,” announces President and Founder, Bill Prichett. “These new fixtures provide added value to our products and capabilities.”

Lumetta’s Link Acoustic features include: a modular acoustic pendant, superior up and / or down lighting, interlocking construction, recessed acrylic lens, one size (42” x 5.5” x 17”), fixtures can be joined together from end-to-end, opaque shades, premium components, functional design, exceptional sound absorption and availability in 1-, 2- or 3-color configurations.

Our exclusive Designer Board Felt acoustic shade features include: 60% recycled PET fiber, 9mm thickness, durable, resilient, your choice of 20 vibrant colors, and excellent acoustic properties.

The Link Acoustic, blends impeccably with all commercial applications. The vibrant colors and texture, in addition to its luminous intensity and end-to-end connectivity allows lighting designers to highlight the individuality of this lighting solution. The Link Acoustic fixtures deliver optimum output and glare-free light for diverse applications.

Bowen Wheatley, Lumetta’s Product Design Lead, stated “Our acoustic product line continues to expand and is determined by our customers’ needs. The fixtures must be visually appealing and add significant value. First and foremost, we design products that will meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

We’ve worked hard to build commercial lighting solutions that look great, improve noise reduction, and allow you to get up close and personal by customizing your own designer light fixtures.

It’s time for your lighting installations to benefit from all we have accomplished and be seen in a positive light!

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