Lite DECO: Lumetta’s Latest Addition to the Visionary VividLite SeriesJune 2021

Lumetta’s Lite DECO is an extraordinary lighting solution statement with thoughtful detailing that allows you to create dramatic arrays of color and light. It’s treasured for its brilliant accent colors and distinctive geometric shapes–beautifully transforming and complementing any space.

DECO features function-forward lighting design with the right aesthetic detail for a comfortable and welcoming vibe–preserving harmonious balance. 

Available in many of our proprietary antimicrobial Lumenate® shade diffuser colors, it’s fingerprint and scratch resistant and evenly distributes light to illuminate your environment.

DECO’s geometrically shaped, vibrantly colored luminaires express beautiful compositions of color, shape and pattern.

With its precisely machined high-quality acrylic accents producing distinctive profiles, you’ll establish exciting displays of illuminated color or a stunning single lighting showpiece.

DECO Features:

  • Brilliant accent colors and geometric shapes
  • Beautiful compositions of color, shape and pattern
  • Distinctive profiles created by the contoured bottom design
  • Colorful acrylic accents created with precisely machined high-quality materials
  • Distinctively designed in concert with other Lite fixtures 

DECO: A Rhythmic Blending of Light, Shape, Size and Color

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