Lumetta’s Luminaires in Warm Neutrals: Inspired by the Autumnal Season & Perfect for “Resimercial” SpacesSeptember 2022

As the fall season is fast approaching, the anticipation of warm earthy tones intermingling with lighting design makes a powerful and impressionistic statement about bringing the comforts of home and indoor / outdoor living to the workspace.

When creating this homey interior design for the workplace, you’ll find that employee comfort inspires contentment and as a direct result, creates a more productive atmosphere. And if your staff is comfortable, they feel less stress and more synergy.

As a team of enthusiastic commercial lighting designers, creativity and innovation are at the heart of Lumetta’s company culture. We’ll help you design new decorative architectural lighting for your “resimercial” office with a direct focus on distinctive ambient lighting characteristics such as decorative details, noise levels / sound reduction, and a sizeable range of lighting temperatures. With modest variations to some of these details your office will feel more welcoming.

Let’s bring the refuge of home to the workplace. Our team can design, engineer and fabricate your decorative lighting and transform your coworking space into a “resimercial” design movement instilling the power of collaboration.

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