Lumetta’s TASK Collection Adds an Exciting Twist to Decorative Commercial LightingOctober 2022

Lumetta’s TASK Collection Adds an Exciting Twist to Decorative Commercial Lighting

Lumetta’s dynamic TASK Collection is a contemporary solution to general lighting applications that provides strong lighting properties and even lighting distribution. This high-efficiency flush-mounted LED light fixture brings functional and minimal design to your space, making reading, writing, working, and day-to-day life more enjoyable–while improving energy efficiency and reducing waste for a cleaner environment.

  • Washable and antimicrobial Lumenate® shades
  • Classic shape and proportions
  • Looks expensive but is surprisingly affordable
  • Fun, functional, and fashionable
  • Clean-lined, round metal and acrylic shade in the color and pattern of your choice*
  • Widely used for general lighting applications

*Can be customized to any color or pattern required

We offer three progressive surface mounts with a distinctly modern flair. Aptly named Stark and Muse, each available in multiple options.

  • Stark is available in your choice of opaque black or white shade with matching finish
  • Stark S2 is available as a dual surface shade with white finish
  • Muse is available in any of our ten exclusive designer shade wrap options with your choice ofblack or white finish: Chevron, Marble, Squiggle, Maze, Abstract Floral, Freckle, Speckled Clay, Speckled Apricot, Speckled Grey, and Speckled Navy

Bowen Wheatley, Lumetta’s Product Design Lead, noted, “The right kind of lighting can improve our reading ability, create a more noticeable difference in colors and prevent eye strain. Our new TASK Collection makes reading, writing, working, and day-to-day life easier. The high-efficiency LED fixture also improves energy efficiency and reduces waste for a cleaner environment.”

  • Fixtures meet all utility and design requirements
  • Innovative, high-quality, decorative lighting solutions for commercial lighting applications
  • Ideal for medical, hospitality, education, government, retail, and office use
  • With so many design options available, it’s now easier than ever to complement and transform your space into a collective work of art.

If you’re ready to take a leap into the adventurous look of color–these lively light fixtures will look stylish and vibrant whether you mount them singularly or in a collection. Let’s choose what speaks to you and change the way to decorate.

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