Lumetta’s L2 Series Collection: Design from the Inside OutApril 2022

Lumetta’s L2 Series is all about creative expression. The elegant taper and drum cylinders are open at the top and bottom and are chic, modern and minimal.

Made with a dynamic double layer of our proprietary antimicrobial Lumenate® diffusers that are sure to make an eye-catching impression. Choose from 177 standard Lumenate® diffusers or create your own unique custom imagery.

Our L2 Acoustic Series is both functional and fashionable with its two-tone, acoustic, tapered or drum shade. Pair illumination and design with our exclusive sound dampening acoustic material that controls high noise levels and vibration. Our integrated system optimizes the synergy between our handcrafted illumination and our superior acoustic products.

To best accommodate your project, we offer both our L2 and L2 Acoustic Collections in a wide range of sizes from 18- to 48-inch in diameter. However, custom sizes, shapes and colors are always welcome.

Lumetta offers so many choices that design possibilities are endless. For more information visit our website for inspiring examples shown in our L2 Collection and Acoustic Collection.

Lumetta continuously researches and develops current technology so we can provide exciting new products that are attractive and easy to install. Our luminaires are impeccably designed to make a brilliant impression and to beautifully light any interior environment.

All our products are made in Rhode Island with a hands-on customer friendly approach and can easily be altered in scale, lamping, finish, and diffuser effects.