Lumetta’s Custom Acoustic Lattice & Element Dividers Transform the Acoustics and Aesthetics of Any Interior SpaceAugust 2021

Our light-weight sound-absorbing acoustic panels help create separate quiet spaces that look extraordinary while improving the surrounding acoustics and insulating your world.

The dividers create temporary or permanent partitioning for private spaces–reducing ambient noise and distraction. These suspended dividers can be joined, mounted to the floor and are height adjustable.

And with our exclusive washable, antimicrobial Lumenate® incorporated into the panels, customers and employees can maintain safe social distancing and stay focused, while enjoying the seamless fusion of sound management and decor.

Our Custom Acoustic Dividers are more than 1/2″ thick, but never bulky or heavy. Our 60% recycled 9mm PET designer board material construction in your choice of 20 vibrant colors makes these panels eco-friendly and responsibly sourced.

You can add more dividers to build a partition–creating temporary or permanent rooms, walls, or workgroups.

Our flexible dividers help absorb and block out ambient noise and provide you with visual privacy–giving an air of sublimity to an otherwise open, unassuming space.

Lumetta’s New Acoustic Dividers – Audio and Visual for the Senses.
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View Custom Acoustic Lattice Divider

View Custom Acoustic Element Divider

Custom Acoustic Dividers Are Used In:

Offices – Restaurants / Bars – Schools / Universities – Retail Space – Hotels

Hospitals / HealthCare Facilities – Communal Living Settings – Religious Structures

Public / Municipal / Government Facilities – Commercial and Home Theaters

And So Much More!

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