Lumenate® and TransLumenate®: Verified Anti-MicrobialOctober 2018

In testing against the ASTM E2180 standard, Lumenate® and TransLumenate® were verified to protect against the bacteria Klebsiella pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus, at the highest level. This was revealed in a test conducted by a global, independent quality assurance lab. The test result lends the necessary support to Lumetta’s anti-microbial claim for its proprietary shade material.

What this means: Further assurance that our luminaires are highly suitable for installation in venues that benefit from higher sanitation practices and anti-microbial products, such as clinics, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, community living, long term care facilities, school cafeterias and lobbies, among others.

To signify this assurance, Lumetta has affixed an anti-microbial symbol composed of a shield and a check mark, with the words: ‘Antimicrobial Verified’, in all applicable materials.

Lumenate® is a flexible, lightweight, versatile, washable composite material, created and used exclusively by Lumetta for its luminaires. TransLumenate® is the transparent version of Lumenate® designed for, but not exclusive, to the outer layer of our Shadow Luminaires.