Lighting a Hero’s Journey™January 2018

Lumetta welcomes all custom luminaire projects that come its way. Each project is an opportunity to create a unique piece and derive enrichment from the collaboration. Every so often, there are those custom projects that provide so much more; to be part of a cause for greater good. Such is what renowned sculptor and mixed media artist John Magnan brought to Lumetta when he invited Bill Prichett to provide the perfect light for the Hero’s Journey Art Project™.

In 2016, John has been commissioned by the global pharmaceutical company, Lilly, to create a symbol to honor clinical trial participants and raise awareness of the program. Dubbed Hero’s Journey™ Art Project, John came up with three, life size sculptures, each measuring over 8 ft. tall, lit from within. The three sculptures have slight shape variations to denote the different stages of the journey: Departure, Initiation, and Return. Each sphere is a unique brick gallery, with each piece sharing a personal story from a trial participant.

Lumetta President Bill Prichett, together with Sr. Engineer Alex Krajewski, took on the challenge of illuminating each sculpture so that the bricks, and essentially the stories they share, glow from within, highlighting messages of inspiration in words and drawn images. Bluetooth controlled tunable color LED’s by Lumenetix®, a light source that dynamically and precisely tunes light with accuracy, control, and consistency so that the sculpture is displayed in an optimized lighting profile, with an interactive element. The light source comes with an a simple-to-use app to control a variety of things from light level (dimming), to color temperature, even saturation and hue. “Scenes” can even be created by controlling the timing of light level. For instance, brightening and dimming with sunrise and sunset or green at noon transitioning to blue a few hours later.

Adds Magnan: “Lumetta did a great job of understanding the needs of the project at a deep level, designing and creating a lighted base system that perfectly supports and lights the art above it. Lumetta went the extra mile, making the end product more than I had hoped or imagined”.

The sculptures are on display in three locations: Livestrong Headquarters in Austin, TX, Cancer Support Community of Central Indiana in Indianapolis, IN, and Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem, NC.

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