Is Comprehensive Healthcare Lighting a Priority for You?December 2022

Effective lighting in the healthcare environment can significantly enhance the patient experience and promote health and healing. Lumetta’s carefully designed lighting upgrades to healthcare and hospital facilities, whether for new construction or retrofitting of existing facilities, create better work environments for the staff–increasing efficiency and satisfaction–and allowing them to provide a higher level of care.

Our lighting solutions are sleek and ethereal. The diffusers are made from our proprietary washable and antimicrobial Lumenate® and TransLumenate®– aiding in the prevention and spread of bacteria and viruses.

Lumetta also provides “human-centric” BIOS circadian LED lighting solutions. This tunable lighting has been shown to benefit patients, visitors, and staff and simulates natural sunlight throughout the day–positively impacting our natural circadian rhythm and promoting biological and emotional healing.

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Healthcare Lighting Goals by Creating:

• Exceptional Patient Environments
• High Caliber Working Conditions for Staff
• Improved Efficiency and Operating Savings
• Greater Resources for Patient Treatment and Care

Check out all of Lumetta’s lighting solutions to create your own kind of magic.

Lumetta’s healthcare lighting is utilized in:

– Lobbies and Waiting Areas
– Hallways
– Reception Areas
– Cafeterias and Dining Areas
– Senior Living Facilities
– Health and Wellness Centers
– Behavioral Healthcare Centers

To Specify Lumetta Lighting Solutions for Your Next Project:

As always, handcrafted in the USA by local skilled artisans and designated Buy American.