Lanier Technical College Adds Lumetta Lighting to its List of Spectacular AttractionsDecember 2020

Lanier Technical College, the foremost workforce development resource in northeast Georgia, commands attention with its spectacular views of the campus, the adjacent Ramsey-Fraser Lake, and the surrounding foothills of the north Gainesville area. Entrances, terraces, and windows all share advantageous views of these assets.

When the university recently began the process of a very impressive and cutting-edge design overhaul of their 325,000 square-foot campus at their new Gainesville location, they chose prime design professional Pond, in association with Stevens & Wilkinson, to create a meaningful and impressive environment with their interior design, furnishings, and fixtures.

The project included the creation of a ballroom layout serving as a primary meeting venue that could also be sub-divided into smaller meeting rooms. The ballroom/meeting rooms had a combined seating capacity of 920 and also linked directly to the storage facility, support, and catering kitchen.

Lumetta was considered first and foremost as the lighting solution supplier for the job, engineering and manufacturing 36 elegant custom two-tiered Drums, 8 Xina Drum Pendants, and 8 matching Xina sconces, as well as 9 Silhouette sconces

Each of the three families had a characteristic and specific look, however, because all of Lumetta’s collections gracefully complement each other, this installation, including beautiful amber lighting, offset and dramatically enhanced the organic look of the facilities.

Lanier Technical College was extremely pleased with the ambient lighting that was both striking and inviting for everyone who utilized the new space.

Brian Gassel Photography