Echo Luminaire “Clouds” Contribute to Refined Whimsy for Children’s Health Pediatric ICUFebruary 2019

A Pediatric ICU stay can be a traumatic experience for the family. The nature of the care itself is also extra stressful for staff members.  These are facts completely understood by the design team of Perkins + Will Dallas, going into ideation over the most suitable design for the unit at Children’s Health.  Led by Interior Designer Whitney Hendricksonthe design goal was to create a supportive environment for patients, families, and staff by executing an “Africa: Savanna and Jungle” theme,  to tie in with the hospital’s signature style of refined whimsy.

As most children are not able to get out of bed and wander about during their stay, with some even spending weeks staring at the ceiling above their beds,  the idea of creating impact on the upper wall and ceilings of the nurses’ station became the design focus.  Overall, the savanna and jungle are expressed on the walls with bold, earth-toned illustration, with Echo ceiling luminaires as “clouds”.

A combination of the Echo 23” x 14” drums in Abstract pattern,  33” x 14” drums in Shell pattern, and 44” x 15” drums in Tech pattern, customized as surface mounts, provided the whimsical clouds for the scenery.  Per Whitney:  “The Echo’s various patterns and sizes helped the luminaire clouds refract light on the surrounding sky, especially at night when half of the corridor lights dim. The intent for cloud fixtures to glow as a feature element to be enjoyed by the beholder, was flawlessly attained.”

Hossley Lighting Associates is the preferred agency for this project.

Photography by Charles Davis Smith

Perkins + Will Dallas is part of Perkins + Will

View Echo brochure for color choices, patterns, and finish.