Design Lumenate® – Luminaire Diffusers Created in Response to Trends in Interior DesignSeptember 2019

Design Lumenate® is a diffuser collection created by Lumetta’s artists in response to the latest trends in interior design and fashion. The collection is modern, yet incorporates many classical elements of design, such as line and shape. The patterns DL18 Medallion, DL24 Geo, DL11 Meander and DL13 Pavilion are some of our favorite examples.

Considered one of the oldest recognized shapes, the study of the circle predates recorded history. Representative of unity, infinity and community, circles bring a sense of wholeness to a space. Design Lumenate® in Medallion Grey suggests infinite movement and completeness.

The outline of mountains and ancient pyramids, triangles are considered one of the strongest shapes. It’s use in design often expresses power, strength and vitality. Diagonal lines are exciting and indicate action. Incorporating both of these elements, Design Lumenate® in Geo is an energetic pattern that will enliven and strengthen any space.

Running parallel to the earth, horizontal lines provide stability, relaxation and direction. Design Lumenate® in Meander combines horizontal lines with a globally inspired motif, creating a laid-back sense of bohemian chic.

Abundantly found in nature, hexagons are a symbol of harmony and balance. Composed of six sides equal in length, hexagons in the same size can be infinitely arranged to create patterns and styles. In perfect accord with the hexagon’s qualities is Design Lumenate® in Pavilion.

The Design Lumenate® features not only innovative use of shape and line, but showcases color, texture and pattern as well. Check out the rest of the collection Design Lumenate®.