Berkshire Elementary School Gives Lumetta A+ for Its Class Act Lighting SolutionsJanuary 2022

Baltimore County Public Schools, located in Baltimore, MD, planned to reconstruct their Berkshire Elementary School. They recently designed the facilities as a prototype school, complete with media center, cafeteria, gymnasium and general classrooms.

GWWO Architects, also in Baltimore, was contracted to conceptualize and develop a setting that would achieve LEED Silver Certification—meaning it must include overall sustainability, use water efficiently, minimize energy in the atmosphere, minimize (reuse or recycle) materials and resources, and improver indoor environmental quality of air and lighting. The project’s sustainable elements included geothermal heating and cooling, recycled and sustainable materials, daylighting, LED light fixtures, and water-efficient plumbing and appliances.

The architectural firm chose Lumetta and Potomac Lighting to design and fabricate the lighting solutions. GWWO was confident that Lumetta’s products were the right choice as previous lighting projects completed with the manufacturer had been met with great satisfaction.

Lumetta’s easily cleaned diffusers, quick lead times, smooth delivery and installation, and their beautiful, sustainable products made them the architectural firm’s preferred choice for the project. Potomac Lighting’s Principal President, Sue Noble, worked closely with GWWO to develop precise specifications for the fabrication and installation of Lumetta’s Taper Pendants and Drum Pendants, which guaranteed a lively, sustainable atmosphere.