A Day in the Life of Lumetta’s Art DirectorJuly 2022

As the Lumetta Art Director, What’s Your Typical Day Like? The day-to-day varies greatly for me. I may be designing new layouts for our website, planning our next brochure, working on custom graphics for a project, photographing our lighting products, etc. No two days are ever the same.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working for Lumetta? I enjoy collaborating with the team and creating design material for a variety of different platforms.

What Do You Find Most Challenging About Your Role at Lumetta? The toughest part has been looking at data trends, while staying true to our instincts–which have served us well in the past. Also, prioritizing projects has been a bit of a challenge. There are many wonderful ideas being shared by the team that we’d like to see come to fruition. However, these projects take time, and we need to fit them into a manageable schedule.

What Do You Feel is the Best Part About Working for Lumetta? The best part about working for Lumetta is that I have an opportunity to be a part of a resilient, hard-working group of individuals who are artists in their own right. Everything is made in-house, which is pretty awesome and uncommon in the industry.

How Do You Work to Achieve and Exceed Your Goals? I work in tandem with Sales, Marketing, Product Design, and Manufacturing to produce new design concepts that speak to our audience. By utilizing shared knowledge and working together, we find success both individually and as a team.